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TDNAM 5/29/2015 Welcome Traders

Hi traders,

today stocks went red due to bad economy papers in the united states as well as some european lands such as sweden.

hopefully the stock market will rebound next week after the weekend.

Market Chart
18,126.12 -36.87 (-0.20%)
2,120.79 -2.69 (-0.13%)
5,097.98 -8.62 (-0.17%)


US economy likely shrank in first quarter, but fundamentals strong

Swiss economy shrinks 0.2% as exchange rate swing excoriates exports



TDNAM 5/25/2015

Hello traders how are yall doing this week.

Market Chart
18,232.02 -53.72 (-0.29%) 2,126.06 -4.76 (-0.22%) 5,089.36 -1.43 (-0.03%)


This shows the dow, s&p and Nasdaq all falling for the week.

The Dollar has been getting stronger this week, while oil prices dip, then Europe has it’s own woes here, all else seems well


till tomorrow