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TDNAM 4-5-2017

Hi traders!

Busy Day for trading today, Nasdaq and S&P Went Down, Dow Jones Went up, thanks to blue chips…

Apple has over $200Bln In Reserves now, (spend it on the investors!) Also Intel and Apple are both growing… For every Rise there must be a fall, AMD Lost 20% worth yesterday (Sorry Ryzen!) Nvidia and other stocks still holding




-0.45 (-0.31%)

+0.07 (0.68%)
20,957.90 +8.01 (0.04%)
2,388.13 -3.04 (-0.13%)
6,072.55 -22.82 (-0.37%)

Hi traders 2-5-2017

Hi traders! last month was fun, not much changed in numbers but a strong stock market hold was held.

Most stocks stayed in their average norms, nothing else happened in the stock market.

will msg more this month



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