Monthly Archives: October 2016

TDNAM 30-10-2016



This has been a busy week for traders, Tata / Mistry is having some trouble wit the company, Mac apple has released new Mac Book Pro’s.



Tata has board/control trouble’s it is looking to get fixed soon.

Exxon has lots of trouble’s as well profit went down 38% but it is still better than expectation. The stock went 1.4% down, now looking at $85.72. Dollarexxonmobil-2




TDNAM TRading 20-10-2016

Hi traders, bunch of news this month, Peter Thiel, widely known for his Silicon valley Greatness, sponsored trump 1.6 million for his campaign.

Also Samsung is getting in more industries such as Military and Glass.

Renault/Nissan To re-lead- Mutisibishi Motors and start bringing the company around.