Monthly Archives: May 2016

TDAM 18.05.2016

Hi traders,


I am posting for all my investors today that we are able to look at the dizzy stock market turns this month.

Here’s some news:
1. Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to invest a lot of phones in the Indian Phone market.

2. Suzuki Motors plan to change 1.2 million cars’s Navigation system.

3. Goldman, decides to Sell Australian Asset company ($6.6 Billion worth)

TDNAM 4.05.2016

Hiya traders, it’s been  a while. the stock market is abuzz, with fb and msft releasing new products as we head into the middle of this year. stocks have gone crazy in England as leceister won the premier league.


here’s some news on the american front.:


nasdaq is down 1.13%

Dow is down 0.78%

& the S&P is down 0.87%


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chart.asp  << DOW >>