TDNAM 11.09.15

Hi traders, i have not been posting for the past month’s due to health problems, but i am back now… here is the lowdown on the year and day.


stk market yr 2015
stk market yr 2015


The S&P 500 is not your friend anymore

MarketWatch – Sep 9, 2015
Fund Flow Volatility Deepens as S&P 500 ETF Loses $10 Billion

Bloomberg – 7 hours ago
// Today’s News, (11 Sept 2015)
While the dollar firmed after facing pressure from a rise in the yuan, but gains were capped by uncertainty over whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next week.
Market Chart
16,330.40 +76.83 (0.47%)
1,952.29 +10.25 (0.53%)
4,796.25 +39.72 (0.84%)

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