TDNAM 7-4-2017

Hi traders! today is a busy day, America Waring syria, Oil Prices going Up, Dollar going strong and Stock Markets going weak. Hope The President can fix this chaos. War might not be what Russia is thinking about, but might be brushed at with the Syrian / Chinese / Koreans…

Thanks Readers

Oil at one-month high after U.S. strikes in Syria rattle markets

LONDON, April 7 (Reuters) – Oil prices hit a one-month high on Friday after the United States attacked a Syrian government airbase, sending shockwaves through global markets and raising concerns of the conflict spreading in the oil-rich region.
Oil, gold jump as missile attacks on Syria trigger safe-haven rush  
Oil Jumps 2% On Supply Disruption Threats  
Market Chart
20,662.95 +14.80 (0.07%)
2,357.49 +4.54 (0.19%)
5,878.95 +14.47 (0.25%)

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