Welcome to 2021 @ TDNAM

Hey Readers, welcome to 2021, I haven’t posted since 2017, so let’s catch up

1.Bitcoin was Sky High this month, going from $20k to $40k,

1 Bitcoin equals
31.404,20 United States Dollar
2. Tesla made Elon Musk the Richest Man in the World
The Tesla chief’s fortune has grown more than $165 billion over the past year.
3. Trump about to be Impeached 2x Times, the most ever for any president
4. CES is running from today 11th – till the 14th
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Hi Traders Out There, been Busy with Bitcoin, https://www.coindesk.com/ Prices are:

Bitcoin -2.5%
Ethereum -1.29%
It’s Way Down from it’s High of $5020 and We Are Hoping for Prices to go back up.
Hope it Does!!
Main Reasons: China/ Government / Idiots..
Me: I really hope this picks up, it was a fun month playing with the bitcoin, if it goes back to $5k i make crazy money!
Anyone else on Bitcoin?

TDNAM 4-5-2017

Hi traders!

Busy Day for trading today, Nasdaq and S&P Went Down, Dow Jones Went up, thanks to blue chips…

Apple has over $200Bln In Reserves now, (spend it on the investors!) Also Intel and Apple are both growing… For every Rise there must be a fall, AMD Lost 20% worth yesterday (Sorry Ryzen!) Nvidia and other stocks still holding




-0.45 (-0.31%)

+0.07 (0.68%)
20,957.90 +8.01 (0.04%)
2,388.13 -3.04 (-0.13%)
6,072.55 -22.82 (-0.37%)

Hi traders 2-5-2017

Hi traders! last month was fun, not much changed in numbers but a strong stock market hold was held.

Most stocks stayed in their average norms, nothing else happened in the stock market.

will msg more this month



5 Things to Watch in Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Earnings Report

TDNAM 23-4-2017

Sup Traders? Just went to all the 1000+ comments and cleared it , 80% Spam, 10% Thrash, 10% Usefull Comments. Hows the trading going, here’s some news from INDIA,

India Tax Reform News


Economic Times


   -57.09  (-0.19%) @@ Apr 21, 16:05

TDNAM 7-4-2017

Hi traders! today is a busy day, America Waring syria, Oil Prices going Up, Dollar going strong and Stock Markets going weak. Hope The President can fix this chaos. War might not be what Russia is thinking about, but might be brushed at with the Syrian / Chinese / Koreans…

Thanks Readers

Oil at one-month high after U.S. strikes in Syria rattle markets

LONDON, April 7 (Reuters) – Oil prices hit a one-month high on Friday after the United States attacked a Syrian government airbase, sending shockwaves through global markets and raising concerns of the conflict spreading in the oil-rich region.
Oil, gold jump as missile attacks on Syria trigger safe-haven rush  
Oil Jumps 2% On Supply Disruption Threats  
Market Chart
20,662.95 +14.80 (0.07%)
2,357.49 +4.54 (0.19%)
5,878.95 +14.47 (0.25%)

TDNAM 4-4-2017 Tuesday

Hi traders!

America is quite busy with it’s Money, First $80Billion in the Army, then Stopping $34 Billion in Obama Care.

Apple getting close to Samsung for OLED displays.

and Kellog Company making big Wins this year.


Hi traders!

Hi traders, it’s been a month since my last post, so i’ve been busy. how’s everyone? ive been looking at the Tech Markets very closely and say a potential rise in figures this year. we will see how the news goes this year. Nintendo bringing out SWITCH(NTDOY), Playstation bringing out PRO (SNE) and Xbox bringing out SCORPION (MSFT)…. it will be fun to see which console wins.


On the other side Food Stocks have also been going up (Yum, KRFT, Nestle)


will post more  later

TDNAM 31-1-2017

Hai Traders!

How’s the trading traders? ive been busy with Architecture / Real Estate these days, so havent done any trades…. how’s u guys, comment on the trades!

MSFT and Apple have been busy this week, and Razer has also been buying companies.

Nintendo beats profit estemates, been busy!

Nintendo Beats Profit, Lifts Forecast on Pokemon Ahead of Switch
European Shares Up; Asian Markets Fall on US Policy Worries
Wal-Mart scraps Amazon Prime competitor in favor of new free shipping tactic

TDNAM 23-12-2016

Traders Rejoice! it’s Christmas!


Trump’s $440 billion weapon
On Thursday afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump dropped a bombshell on the defense industry: He asked Boeing to price out an alternative to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets, a hugely valuable contract that Trump has criticized as too expensive.
Airbus Will Sell 100 Planes to Iran After Similar Boeing Deal
An Airbus A321 featuring the Iranian flag at an Airbus plant in Hamburg, Germany, this week. The acquisition of modern planes is an important achievement for President Hassan Rouhani of Iran.

xmas 2


xmas 2